Med Spas Benefits from Text Message Marketing

Med Spas Benefits from Text Message Marketing

Let’s say you choose tanning as your keyword. You would then advertise saying “Text Tanning to 77948 for a buy one get one free session” or whatever type of incentive you want to offer. By them texting the keyword in you are receiving their permission to text them in the future. Each person will receive a legal default message immediately following the opt-in.  This message gives your business name, an approximate number of messages you plan to send in a month, and the legal instructions of text help for help, stop to cancel, and message and data rates may apply.

The default message will be followed by your own unique auto-responder message, which can give them instructions on how to redeem the offer you were advertising. If you didn’t offer an incentive but told them to text for appointment reminders, updates, future specials, etc.,  you can combine those two messages. This would still include the legal information but you customize the first part of the message with your business name and a personal message, something like “Thanks for joining our text list. You’ve requested mobile reminders from The Med Spa.” Then, the frequency and text help for help, stop to cancel. Msg & Data rates may apply will be added to the end of the message. The entire message has to stay at or below 160 characters.

Top 5 Ways Mobile Marketing Benefits Med Spas

    1. Send appointment reminders
    2. Advertise promotions 
    3. Encourage customer loyalty with coupons
    4. Send discount offers during slow times
    5. Use giveaways to encourage opt-ins

Mobile Marketing Appointment Reminders

Med spa appointment reminders can be sent on a one by one basis with the persons name and exact appt time  or to a group as a general daily or weekly reminder. How you want to handle this will depend on the number of reminders you need to send and how much time you want to take sending the reminders. Creating a template as a saved message will make it easy to quickly load the message individually and then add in the name, date, and time. Another option is to add the numbers that have an appointment that day, or week, and sending a more generic reminder that says “This is a reminder about your appointment at the Med Spa this week. If you have questions or need to change your appt call 888-555-1212” and have it go to the group.  The system isn’t set up to easily do two-way messages so it be usually easier to have them follow up with a phone call; and keep in mind every text is limited to a total 160 characters with the last 15 being reserved for the legally required “Stop to cancel” at the end of the message.

Mobile Marketing Promotions
Promotions can be used to draw in new customers or invite previous customers back. You may choose to do different promotions for different advertising. For example, for those people that are already customers or that have opted in to your campaign, you might want to target with a promotion on the same service or a complimentary service to what they have used before. Whereas a general advertisement might be more generic like “Save 20% on any service” or “Buy one laser treatment area and get a second area free”.

Mobile Marketing Loyalty Program
Use mobile marketing to do a med spa loyalty program. This could be done by having clients send a specific word each time they buy one qualifying service and then after the 5th or 10th, or whatever number you specify, they will get a free treatment or service. Check out how to setup groups for an idea on how to do this without buying a lot of extra keywords.

Mobile Marketing Discount Offers
Use your mobile marketing campaign to send out discount offers to med spa clients that haven’t been in for a while. When finances get tight people will often stop the luxury treatments out of necessity. A gentle reminder of what they are missing and offering it to them at a discount could be the perfect incentive to get them to schedule their next visit.

With mobile marketing the sky is the limit. You can run contests or polls, offer giveaways or other incentives to get the initial opt-ins and then use the text message to keep your brand fresh in their mind. Get started on your med spa mobile marketing campaign today for as little as $1 at

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